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Friday, March 23, 2007

Melody Crawls!

Just a mere few days after posting about Melody’s delay with crawling, our little girl hit that all-important milestone.

Naturally, it happened while we were elsewhere.

Melody was staying with Grandma and Grandpa Lewis (Nana and Papa) while Marcie, Julianne, and I were at the hospital for Marcie’s post-C-section recuperation time. I guess Melody figured her grandparents’ house was a good place to start moving around in a more traditional manner (not that her scooting around wasn’t surprisingly effective). We got the news from her proud grandma over the hospital room phone the next day — something to the effect of “Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that Melody started crawling yesterday.” To which I responded, “Whaaaa?”

I got a chance to see Melody perform the feat shortly thereafter, but also learned that scooting is still her preferred method of mobility — after all, she’s certainly had lots of practice! Still, she’ll crawl if we ask her (a big advantage of her excellent verbal recognition skills) and that’s good enough. The important thing is that she can crawl and will crawl if asked or otherwise just feels like it.

And now with this milestone behind us, just around the corner will be cruising (walking sidewise while using an object such as a couch or coffee table for support). We’re really going to have to take a second look at our house baby-proofing-wise in the near future!

This great news notwithstanding, I’m sure many of you are especially interested in hearing about how things are going with new baby Julianne. So here’s the quick summary:

  • Julianne is very sweet, enjoys sleeping, and is just plain adorable!
  • Melody loves having a little baby around the house and always wants to be near her (she says “baby” and points at Julianne constantly!)
  • Julianne is a great eater (nursing is going dramatically better than it went with Melody) and is gaining weight at a very impressive rate
  • We’re sleepy (naturally), but very happy and truly considered ourselves blessed to have two wonderful little girls!
I’m hoping to have a two-week album up in the near future (and I still hope to get a new Melody album up as well...hey, I’m only six months behind), so please keep checking back for more news from “Baby Land” (thanks to Cousin Jody for the name) very soon!

Our first family portrait, taken at the hospital less than 12 hours after Julianne’s arrival


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