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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Countdown to Baby Shapiro

It's time for another Baby Shapiro update! Here's the latest news:

As of last week, Baby Shapiro is at an estimated six pounds and is considered "at term." What this means is that she can theoretically arrive at any time now and not be considered "early" even though her due date is still a few weeks away.

The final few weeks are considered the most uncomfortable. This is when the baby drops down into position and the mother feels a constant heaviness. But as always, Marcie is handling it extremely well and remains amazingly upbeat despite her discomfort. She also stopped working after last Friday, so at least she can try to rest as much as possible in these final weeks. Ironically, she has so far been working as hard as ever, as she's given herself a whole bunch of projects to do during this brief time before the baby's arrival.

Baby Room
It's finally done and quite cute (if we may say so ourselves). Stay tuned for photos in the very near future.

Having a baby isn't just about adding a new person to the family; it's about adding a whole lot of stuff to the household. After three showers and an extremely productive final shopping spree over the weekend, we have oodles of diapers, accessories, care products, clothes, toys, and much more. The house is still relatively neat right now, but we both know that that's going to be fairly short-lived. I suppose the next time our home looks so pristine will be when our kids go to college!

More updates are forthcoming. Stay tuned.


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