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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Making Movies

Cinema Nightmares rehearsals have officially begun. Our first rehearsal on Saturday consisted of us looking at clips of films we'll be parodying (and even acting out a couple of those scenes to help us establish our "movie nightmare" characters) and doing table-reads of our scenes. Brian (Norman in the movie) had a last-minute conflict so the rehearsal consisted of just Fernanda (who plays Mary) and me. It was good to have a nice relaxed first rehearsal for us to work on our two scenes together. Our director Jerry was really good throughout about giving us specific "beats" to help motivate action and to heighten comic moments. So I felt we were off to a great start.

Because of Brian's absence we scheduled a new rehearsal for last night, which turned out to be extremely productive. All three of us where there and we worked through every scene. Both Brian and Fernanda were great (both are very natural and funny) and it'll be fun to watch them go full-out when we start shooting in a couple of weeks.

Incidentally, it seems that the title "Cinema Nightmares" is actually a working title. I'll post something here when the official title is announced. Also, as I promised, here's a link to the film's website. It currently includes a description of the project, the director's CGI Titanic model, and cast headshots. Production notes and photos will likely be added in the near future.


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