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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend Roundup

I'm a little worn out from two days of gardening-related work (see below) to offer the usual dose of random reflections on life, the universe, and everything. So instead I offer this bulleted encapsulation of my Memorial Day weekend:

  • Friday night, went to see fellow former Ballyhoo producer/cast member Cathy in Pajama Game. Afterwards we had Becky (Sunny in Ballyhoo), her boyfriend (and our friend) Ron, and friend and former Guys and Dolls star Michael over to our house for cookies and conversation. Since it was the end of the week and fairly late by the time we made it to our house, we were all pretty tired. Still it was great spending time with the gang.

  • Marcie, her mother Rosie, and I spent a big chunk of Saturday shopping for baby stuff. Marcie's parents very generously bought us a crib and mattress, "glider" rocking chair, stroller, and car seat. Later that evening we watched a couple of Netflix DVDs, The Assassination of Richard Nixon (great performance by Sean Penn) and Team America: World Police (very funny satire on both our current administration's "cowboy diplomacy" and big-budget action movies).

  • All of Sunday was spent gardening around the deck in our back yard. This included removing all of the ugly plants and debris that have been an embarrassment since we bought the house, preparing the soil (hours of hard work), and finally planting a whole bunch of beautiful impatiens. This was followed by an additional couple of physically-intense hours fighting with our drip irrigation system (incredibly frustrating).

  • I resumed work on the drip system today (Memorial Day Monday) and after yet another trip to OSH for more parts (the place was packed — obviously I wasn't the only person working around the house over the holiday weekend), I finally got everything working. I was so relieved. Later this evening, we went to Marcie's parent's house for their annual Memorial Day barbecue.
My back, arms, and hands are now incredibly sore from all that gardening/sprinkler work and I desperately need a holiday from my holiday.


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