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Friday, October 14, 2005

Back Online at Last

Wow, these past 4+ weeks have certainly flown by! For anyone who is still kind enough to check my blog on a regular basis, many apologies for the huge gaps in posting. Obviously, I've been fully involved in Daddyhood and have set aside other interests for a while. But I'm back and ready to start posting again!

So how's parenthood going? Very well, I'm glad to say. It probably won't surprise anyone that we're completely crazy about our little Melody and even after over a month, I can't help but to stare at her each day with wonder. It seems she does the same with us too. She'll just sit in my arms and stare at me with a quiet intensity that's pretty amazing.

I also love having her rest in my lap while I play piano for her. Pretty much every time I do this, she falls asleep. It's very cute. I guess she finds the piano very soothing. Either that or my playing bores her (she won't be the first person I've put to sleep with my music)!

Incidentally, many people ask us about the whole sleep deprivation thing. Yep, that certainly is a reality of raising a newborn, but it's one we knew about going into it. So no big surprises there. But along those lines, here's a great Dilbert cartoon that covers that topic about as well anything I've seen. You'll see that I took the liberty of changing a couple of the names in the cartoon (ya gotta love Photoshop). Enjoy!



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