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Monday, June 05, 2006

Two for 48

Marcie is leaving on a business trip tomorrow night for two days and it's going to be just me and Melody until Marcie's return Thursday. To make things more interesting, Marcie's parents are also out of town this week, so I'm really going to be on my own parenting-wise. While this could be daunting, I don't expect things to be much different than they usually are when I work from home (which I usually do a couple of days each week) and it's just me and Melody all day. In fact, since Melody goes to sleep around 7:30pm, it only extends such solo work-from-home days by a couple of hours. It's also sort of empowering to think that I'll be solely responsible for the care of this sweet little munchkin for an extended time. But while I feel up to the challenge, I'm certainly going to miss Marcie no matter what. A couple of years ago, she had a job where she was constantly traveling. It got pretty lonely. At least I'll have Melody for company this time around. And she's pretty darn cute company!

If I have any interesting adventures during the next couple of days, I'll post anecdotes here. Otherwise, no news is good news.


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