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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Modest Fetus

Monday was the big level II ultrasound appointment. While the most important reason for the appointment was to be sure the little dude/dudette was doing OK, it was also supposed to be when we'd find out if Baby Shapiro #2 was going to be a girl or a boy. Well, the good news is that everything is looking fine and, of course, there's absolutely nothing more important than that.

However, as for the girl/boy question, it seems that our little munchkin-to-be chose that particular appointment to exhibit excessive modesty and kept his/her little legs pressed very closely together. As a result, the doctor couldn't tell us conclusively if Melody was going to gain a sister or a brother. He said that if he had to take a guess, he'd pick a girl, but only gave the odds at 60%. So ladies and gentleman, you'll all have to wait until next month when we have our next appointment. With any luck, little baby-in-the-making will be a little less shy!

Oh, and in the "Credit Where Credit is Due" department, Marcie reminds me that when cousin Brad announced his baby-to-be, he included a tongue-in-cheek FAQ at the end. So I guess I must have subconsciously channeled his cute idea into my previous post announcing baby #2. Sorry for the unintentional thievery, Brad! I guess a good idea just begs to be stolen by others!


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