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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Moving Update (A Prolonged Kvetch)

BoxesAs incredibly horrible as I always know it’s going to be, moving always ends up being even more hideous than anticipated.

After a very grueling week of near all-nighters, eating very little (and very unhealthily at that!), and continuous physical labor, all our stuff is now moved into our new house. Of course, the “moving in” process has just begun. Almost nothing is unpacked and our garage has turned into an enormous and nearly impenetrable fortress of boxes and furniture pieces. The inside of the house is just as bad. The only room that’s half-way decent is Melody’s room, as it was top priority to get her crib set up and have some floor space for her to play.

In addition to all the moving stuff, we had to deal with telephone issues (I was actually able to rewire one of our phone jacks myself to get it to work), cable issues (two visits and well over an hour worth of calls), and now, DSL problems (no signal is being received and so far, no correction has been made by AT&T).

Marcie and I are tired, cranky and sore. My 2-3 hours of sleep at night isn’t very healthy and I’m now having very hard time walking due to extremely sore muscles. The only thing keeping me going is lots of coffee and raw adrenaline.

Once we finally do get unpacked and our house is more-or-less functional, our work is actually still not done. I didn’t mention this in my previous post about the move, but the reason we moved was not because of the house itself. We moved to get into a better neighborhood (with great schools) that’s very close to Marcie’s parents and all of Melody’s cousins, aunts, and uncles on her mommy’s side of the family. She’ll even be going to the same schools as her cousins Jianna, Kaylie, Jared, and Justin. However, the compromise was that in order to get into a neighborhood like this, we had to go with a slightly smaller house and one that needs a fair amount of work. So over the years to come, we’ll be gradually renovating/modernizing the house and even hope to expand some time down the line. It’s going to be a very long haul, but perhaps in about 10 years we’ll have the home we’ve always wanted. As the the old adage goes, real estate is all about location location location. We finally have that. The next thing is the house itself.

As we work through each remodeling project, I’ll try to post before/after photos to this blog for those interested in home renovation projects. Until then, keep your fingers crossed that AT&T might actually get our DSL working. Once (if?) that happens, I can finally get back to regular (and hopefully more upbeat) blogging!


  • Steve,

    Here's wishing you and Marcie some well-deserved rest and relaxation.
    Congrats on the move!

    -David (from Boston)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/27/2006 9:54 AM  

  • Hi Steve:

    Moving is one of the most stressful things you can go through in life.

    But I'm sure that you will get settled in. And there is no shame in taking your time getting the house just the way you want it. It's not an easy process, but you will get it done, I'm sure.

    Hope you can all get some rest and enjoy your new place.

    Love to all three of you!
    Aunt Linda

    By Anonymous Aunt Linda, at 9/27/2006 2:12 PM  

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