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Sunday, April 10, 2005

First Weekend Reflections

The first weekend of Ballyhoo performances have now come and gone. Predictably, I had a great time and my fellow cast members were brilliant as usual. As for myself, I really can't objectively say how I did. I know I didn't hold anything back and I tried to be as "honest" in my acting as I know how. If that proves to be less than thrilling to some, then so be it. Not that anyone implied such a thing, but sometimes it's what doesn't get said that plays upon my insecurities. I'm confident that our audiences really enjoyed the production overall. But it's those usual run-ins with certain members of the local theatrical community who always get the best of me (this most certainly does not include Ron, who was quite gracious — see below). They're the ones who give that forced half-smile and say "It was goooood" or "You did a nice job" with clenched teeth. That never fails to shake me.

On the other hand, Marcie was extremely positive (of course she always is with my performances, but her positivity did seem pretty authentic) and our friend and talented actor/singer Ron was full of glowing praise for all involved. Besides being a great guy in general, he's a terrific person to have in the audience because he always seems to genuinely enjoy himself and has a wonderfully contagious laugh. I'm also grateful to all our other friends who took the time out to see our play, which includes Loren, Tami and her friend Orin, Spence, Lisha, and my manager Judy and her friend Amy.


  • Stevie-

    I have no personal knowledge of your performance :) However, I am sure that I THINK you were fabulous!


    By Blogger Bradley Egel, at 4/11/2005 8:24 PM  

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