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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spam Woes & Walnuts Revisited

Spammers have found their way to The Shapiro Files. Those of you who have been kind enough to leave and/or read comments here may have noticed a recent plethora of "Comment Deleted" postings. This is because spammers have been posting all sorts of odd advertisements by way of comments left on my blog. So to curtail this new new influx of spam, I had to grudgingly activate a word verification step for posting comments. I apologize for this extra step and hope it doesn't deter anyone from leaving comments--especially since I love reading everyone's comments so much. It's one of my favorite parts of blogging.

On a completely different topic, as a follow up to my previous posting on Message from Space (i.e. "The Walnut Movie"), I was able to get a DVD copy of the film via Ebay. The audio/video quality will probably be horrible (not to mention how awful the movie itself will likely be), but I just had to have a copy of this movie that I've been obsessing about for over 25 years now. And speaking of obsessions, check out these comments between me and my cousin Brad of The Egel Nest in which I reveal my obsession with some anthropomorphic alphabet letters from my childhood.


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