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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lewis Brothers "Club Mix" Available!

For my own amusement, I endeavored to do a "club mix" of one of The Lewis Brothers' recordings, "Ha-yom" (translation: "Today"). Despite its fairly short length, it took me far longer to put it together than I expected. But in the end, I'm happy to say the result is not only funny (at least to me), but it's even kind of funky! Whereas I used a polished "Take 2" recording for the final CD version, for the club mix, I used a considerably shorter "Take 1" outtake, which ended abruptly when Shelly had a sudden onset of coughing. I wasn't originally going to keep the coughing in, but hearing it at the end of an early playback made me laugh. So the coughing stayed!

Here are both the "real" CD mix and my silly little club mix for your downloading pleasure:


  • Wonderful!!!

    Love the club mix! It made me laugh, too!!! But I didn't hear any coughing at all!!!

    Aunt Linda

    By Anonymous Aunt Linda, at 12/14/2005 2:19 PM  

  • Glad you enjoyed it! The coughing is pretty subtle. It's at the *very* end and mostly in the right channel (right earpiece if you're listening with headphones). If the volume is turned up loud enough you'll probably hear it. :)

    Other semi-hidden sounds include: UFO noise, audience cheering, a medieval flute, and a Mid-eastern drum (the specific name of the drum escapes me at the moment). I'd add banjo to this list, but I think it's loud enough to be not-so-semi-hidden!

    By Blogger Steve Shapiro, at 12/14/2005 4:12 PM  

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