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Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year Resolutions

Although the act of making resolutions upon the arrival of a new year is a tradition that supposedly goes back to 153 B.C. in Rome, it's a practice I've never really followed — probably because I knew I'd never follow through. But since I now have this nice public forum, I thought that if I listed some relatively realistic goals for 2006 here, I might feel pressured enough to actually do them. Of course, the operative word here is "realistic." As much as I'd like to get in Olympics-caliber physical condition or be responsible for ushering in world peace, I figured I should set my sights a little lower to things I could actually do. As a results, the following resolutions are mostly task-oriented, very specific, and may not be particularly meaningful to all visitors to this blog. But heck, they're things I've been putting off long enough and think I should finally do!

2006 Resolutions

  • Learn Cubase and/or Logic music software and record at least two decent demos
  • Compile/edit Marcie's marathon video
  • Write/record a song about (and for) Melody
  • Read/study Elements of Jazz textbook and apply what I learn as much as possible
  • Start going to the gym again (OK, so I had to include at least one typical resolution)
  • Scan all family archive slides and create a website and/or DVD
  • Get all archival 8mm film transfered to DV and edit for DVD
  • Post more regularly to this blog!
So far, I think I've made a decent start to that final resolution. I'll post updates on the others as I (hopefully) check them off my list!


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