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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Myspace, My Schmace

Several months ago, an old friend of mine (and a fabulous bass guitarist) Craig sent out an email to a bunch of his friends announcing his new Myspace page promoting his music stuff and invited us to leave comments. Once on his page, I learned that in order to leave comments, I had to set up a Myspace page of my own and then request to be added to his "friends" list. So I did. A few months later, another friend (and my former manager at B. Dalton bookstore in late 1989/early 1990) also named Craig invited me to seek out his Myspace page that he set up to promote his freelance photography business. And then pretty recently, a couple of good friends from my high school music department days (Deane and Peter) sought me out and linked to my page. This, in turn, led to my discovering the page of yet another high school music department friend, Chris. So I now have five Myspace "friends" and a nice way for other old friends to find me.

At the moment, my Myspace page is pretty darn sparse, but I've at least added a few photos and perhaps can use the page for promoting my music activities in the future if I ever fulfill my New Year's resolution to start recording some real demos. So if anyone is interested in being added to my "friends" list or otherwise just can't get enough of me here at The Shapiro Files or at my website, feel free to mozy on down over here!


  • Cous -

    My space has been i the news quite a bit lately for felonious activities involved with careful who you click on :)

    The Egel Nest

    By Blogger Bradley Egel, at 3/06/2006 9:51 AM  

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