The Shapiro Files

Monday, August 06, 2007

Baby Steps. Literally.

It finally happened! Melody is walking!

She actually began taking a few independent steps a few weeks ago, but I wanted to wait until her walking was beyond the two-or-three-steps-then-fall-on-the-ground phase before “going public” with the news. Well, I’m glad to say that she’s now walking up a storm!

Check out this series of photos I took this evening of Melody bringing me the book she wanted me to read for her bedtime story:

Click for a larger image

Melody has also made the transition from crib to toddler bed and has completely retired from her high chair (she has a children’s table at which she now eats all her meals). In other words, our little girl is growing up. Little by little, she’s shedding all vestiges of “babyhood.” It’s a very exciting time with just a tad of wistful sadness thrown in. Our little baby isn’t so much a baby any more.

And speaking of babyhood, Julianne has been absolutely wonderful. She’s been such a sweet, cuddly, and very happy little munchkin. She’s now mostly sleeping through the night, which is a huge milestone. She has also rolled over a couple of times (stomach to back), but hasn’t done it with any consistency just yet. I’m sure that’ll come soon. Until then, you still have to admire her impressive “baby push ups”:

Click for a larger image

By the way, tomorrow is Julianne’s five-month birthday and Melody’s two-year birthday is just a month away. As for the latter, you know what that means...

Hmmm... We should probably start thinking of what we’d like to get Melody for her birthday. Any suggestions for a newly mobile and not-at-all-terrible (above cartoon notwithstanding) two-year-old?