The Shapiro Files

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moviemaker Melody Strikes Again

I'm pleased to present Melody's follow-up to The Princess and The Wizard. This new movie was a much less ambitious effort than that previous one and it took us all of about 15 minutes to shoot the basic footage. However, it took me at least 10 times as long to edit it.

I have to give Melody credit for giving her sister the starring role this time around. At only two years old, younger sister Julianne has proven to be quite the ham.

By the way, the house shown in the various exterior shots throughout this little movie is not ours. I thought it would be fun to use a house much nicer than the one we actually live in. One can dream.

Facebook readers, please note that this version corrects a rather embarrassing typo in the subtitles that regrettably will have to live on in perpetuity on the Facebook version.

Hope you enjoy Melody's latest effort!

Here's a direct link to the video on YouTube, where you can see it at a larger size and even in near-HD if your Internet connection and computing speed supports it.