The Shapiro Files

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's True: I'm Returning to the Stage

For the first time in seven years, I'm returning to the stage to act in a play, a romantic comedy from the 80s called Crossing Delancey. It was later adapted into a movie staring Amy Irving, so it's very possible many of you might know it. I play Sam, the owner of a pickle shop and prototypical "nice guy" who has his eyes on Izzy, the play's protagonist. Izzy, however, is more interested in Tyler, the self-absorbed author that frequently visits the bookstore where she works. So does Izzy end up with nice-guy Sam or schmucky Tyler? You'll have to come see it to find out.

While all of the above sounds like your typical romantic comedy, what makes this play stand out from standard rom-com fare is its New York Lower-East Side setting and characters, which allows for a deeper exploration into ethnic identity, tradition, and the old-world vs. new-world generational divide. But most of all, it's very funny and very romantic. The perfect play for a date night or for a night out with friends!

The show runs January 27 through Feburary 19. You can get more details and ticket information at Tabard Theatre's website.