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Friday, January 06, 2006

Not a Morning Person

It's best if people avoid conversations with me during the first couple hours of the day. All attempts will result in frustration, as my brain takes a couple of hours to warm up. To wit*:

Marcie: Did you take any coffee?
Steve: Take coffee?
Marcie: Did you take coffee?
Steve: If you fill the mug, there should still be some left.
(Marcie fills the travel mug)
Marcie: I feel bad; there isn't very much left for you
Steve: I already had a cup.
Marcie: That's what I was asking!

(Roughly paraphrased exchange from 7:50 a.m. today)

And most of our morning conversations make even less sense. But due to my minimally functioning early-hours intellect, I rarely remember the conversations later (other than having a vague recollection that they occurred).

All this reminds me of how I've always seemed to follow some sort of bizarro internal clock. It doesn't matter how little sleep I got the evening before, I'm always wide awake at night (I've been fighting frequent bouts of insomnia for over 20 years now) and a complete zombie in the morning. At least I'm not alone. It seems that Calvin of the classic Calvin and Hobbes comic strip has the same problem.

*In case you were wondering, the expression "to wit" used above is spelled correctly and is not — as some people might be inclined to think — spelled "to whit." The expression "to wit" is a shortened form of "that is to wit" meaning “that is to know; that is to say; namely” from the English verb "wit" (meaning "to know”). This was a strong verb with past tense "wot," as in “A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot.” In Old English it was spelled "witan" and even further back it was linked with a Germanic verb meaning “to see.” In the first of these senses, it’s closely connected with the modern German verb "wissen"; in the second, it’s the origin of our "witness." It developed further to refer to a person’s understanding or judgement or mind (hence “keep your wits about you”). Just a little spelling/etymology lesson there, free of charge! [Source: World Wide Words]


  • I can so totally relate! I'm definitely not a morning person, and I'm happiest sitting up to the middle of the night. Unfortunately, the world doesn't seem to run on the same schedule! ; )

    By Blogger Irina Tsukerman, at 1/07/2006 7:42 PM  

  • Morning person here (I mean, obviously. it's like, not even 3, and i'm awake...)...

    By Blogger Joe, at 1/04/2009 11:56 PM  

  • ... although, somebody just drove past my house so I guess I'm not the only one...

    By Blogger Joe, at 1/04/2009 11:57 PM  

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